… What sets Roseta’s work apart from other painters of similar {west and southwest} genre is that the quality of her work is measured less by execution and more by emotion. Most painters of the genre are delivering a story to the viewer. The story is the substance of the painting, visual execution its measure.

Roseta’s special conveyance is sensory. We, the viewer, do not just stand back and view her detailed execution of paint on canvas, we feel something emanating from the painting that is not of the paint. My personal experience in conversation with Roseta was that the painting we discussed did not come alive because of the story; the story came alive because of the painting. We, the viewer, sense a meaning to her painting without knowing exactly what that means. Roseta’s work raises hair on arms and rouses curiosity. There is a nuance to her work that is beyond excellence of execution. Her paintings carry secrets. They call us, they hold us, yet they do not demand to be understood- only appreciated.

Review submitted by Terry Lambert Likes: Interior Designer, Art Appreciator, Collector